Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Well, dummy me seems to have deleted my blog update of August 11!  I was about half way through and seem to have hit a wrong button.  I have been putting off starting it again because I ALREADY DID IT ONCE, ARGH!  Oh, well, here we go again!

Way too much has happened to report on everything since February, so I will hit on a few highlights for us all. 

Mario is travelling a ton and loves it.  Since January for his new job, he has travelled to NYC, upstate NY, Boston, Texas several times, California several times, England, Singapore, Florida, and more places that I can't think of right now.  He is in high demand constantly.  He is an expert in many different areas and his company is putting his knowledge to good use.  I hope he can keep up with the intenseness of it all; he isn't a spring chicken anymore!  Our Zion's Camp over Memorial Day Weekend was a smashing success with over 250 YSA's attending from all over.  It was good to see Mark and Nancy Worthington again after so many years, who brought up a nice group of YSA's  from Virginia.  Brad Wilcox was our featured speaker for the conference and stayed with us.  He also did a BYU Alumni fireside for PJ while he was here.  Awesome man and speaker! 

PJ went to Chicago with her sister, DD, in April and had  a blast!  She was trying to use up a timeshare that was expiring and the closest one to Chicago was 1 1/2 hours away!  She thought that would be good since she and DD wanted to also go to Springfield to see the Lincoln Museum.  Well, what a fiasco trying to get into Chicago on the train, which would take her many pages to explain!  Suffice it to say, they went by car the three days they went into the city after that experience!  They ate at some fantastic restaurants, went to 42nd Street at the Marriott Theatre, went segwaying (sp?) all over Chicago for three hours (her favorite), went on a beautiful hike at Mathieson Park (it was supposed to be in the 60's that day and by a fluke, the temperature shot up over 90!  We had dressed for the weather and almost melted away!), went to two sessions at the Chicago Temple, went to the Art Institute and the Chicago Symphony (which was amazing because we got tickets to sit BEHIND the orchestra, looking out at the audience, which was a whole new experience!)  One restuarant we ate at was circular, up on the 50th floor with a fantastic view of Chicago at night, spectacular!  The Lincoln Museum was, bar none, the best museum PJ has ever been to, she was totally enthralled with everything.  They went to Sebastian's for dinner that night in Springfield and enjoyed the best steak and rolls, PJ has ever had.  She would highly recommend both places!


Where Did the Last Five Months Go?

So much for writing once a month!  Looks like this will be another book in order to catch up!  So much has happened, I don't know where to start. 

Mikah is back home for seven weeks from BYUI.  It is so nice when your daughter is excited to come home!  She has changed in many good ways but continues to want to stay up until all hours of the morning (which has been ruining my sleep) with her Branch friends, swimming, yakking and watching movies.  She has way too many friends and they constantly want to be with her!  She is supposed to be doing what she can to make money.  She is starting up her "Diversified Services" business again (yard work, pet and baby sitting, errands, etc.) and put out her flyers in the neighborhood yesterday and has already gotten a call!  She will post her flyers in the two local chapels tomorrow and we will see what happens.  She wasn't able to get a job at school last semester.  A job is posted there and is filled within minutes and it is rare when they hire freshmen.  She had a blast at school over the summer and it was hard to concentrate on school, now that she has discovered the wonderful Idaho outdoors.  She took a canyoneering class, joined the outdoor adventures club and went rapelling, white water rafting, horseback riding, waterskiing, boating, backpacking, spent four days in Moab, sleeping under the stars and canyoneering.  It is nice having her home to share chores with me.  I hate cleaning out the pool baskets with all the dead frogs and even a dead skunk!  Gross!  The summer has been miserably hot and watering constantly gets very old!  Since we have lived here this was the second worst winter, the WORST spring (constant rain) and WORST summer (heat and humidity).  Ohio normally has fantastic weather, except the winter. 

Abram got the job at Tuacahn in Saint George!  He was SO excited to be hired at such a prestigious theatre, although he has had to drop out of school a semester because the season goes through the end of October.  But he is making money and will get over half of his equity points!  We are going out the last week of the shows to see him.  If any of you get out that way, please be sure to go see him!  So far the Sowards, Hunters and Williams have seen him and given nice reviews!  He has the role of Sonny, one of the T-Birds in Grease.  He was one of two from BYU who got a legit role and isn't an understudy.  In Little Mermaid, he is the swing and has to learn all the roles, which is very difficult because, sometimes he has to jump in at the last minute.  He has played the pilot quite alot and is the first voice you hear when the show starts and also a couple of  ensemble roles.  Tuacahn did auditions in NY, LA and several other places.  Most of the performers have been on Broadway, regional shows, TV and movies, so Abe feels very fortunate to have been selected.  Tuacahn is the first regional theatre to perform Little Mermaid after Broadway and Disney has thrown alot of money their way, incredible visual effects and an eighty foot water curtain.  Life is quite different away from the cocoon of BYU and he has definitely had to get used to "real life" experiences.  It is great that he is back in the old stomping grounds of his mission in St. George and is having many wonderful experiences with the Spanish and Single's Branches.  He is the Primary pianist in the Spanish Branch and helps the missionaries alot.  He is dating and having fun!

Alixa, Jarom, Jenna and Bo (Blake Owen, yes, she had a sweet little boy in April!) are still in Richmond, VA and love it there.  Jarom works with the Young Men in church and Alixa was the girl's basketball coach.  They love having Nate, Kenzie and Kenna nearby to experience life together (Jarom's brother and wife and little girl who is Jenna's best friend).  We enjoyed visiting them in June for Bo's blessing and seeing our first grandson and his darling sister.  Their home is rapidly shrinking as they expand their family and acquire new toys and books!  Mitch (their pet snake) now has to share his bedroom with Bo and Jenna's old crib and Jenna graduated to the futon.  Alix and Jarom are fantastic parents and are raising two very bright and happy children.

Zak, Sam and Eva bought a foreclosed home in Saratoga Springs, UT and have a nice view of Utah Lake.  Mario said their home is very nice but I haven't seen it yet.